I’m Britt

I’ve always wanted to be a storyteller and I’m sure after reading this you will discover I’m not a writer (haha!) I was 18 and on my first of many backpacking trips when I learned how to tell stories through photographs. The photos I love most are the ones that showcase the interactions I’ve had with other people. I learned that when I pick up my camera, it’s an opportunity to disarm people and allow them to invite me into their world and document their lives. It’s always opened up new doors and possibilities that I wouldn’t otherwise have been exposed to.

My style of photography is geared towards telling your story in a candid, authentic way. My clients often tell me that they always remember what it felt like the day of the photoshoot, when looking back on their photos they feel that we worked together to make genuine moments happen. I approach every shoot as a chance to get to know you, to put you at ease, and have fun capturing memories that you will get to look back on and relive. 

I love documenting your important life events. From couples shoots, wedding day coverage, and family sessions, I do it all with a sincere approach. Even the commercial work, event coverage, and headshots I provide are all in keeping with my style of photography. Hop on over to my Portfolio page and check out some samples of my work to see for yourself.

Born and raised in a small town called Fergus, Ontario
Have a Dog named Ruffus, he smiles when he gets excited
Love to travel Once went volcano boarding in Nicaragua. The Volcano became active the next day.

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