• 01What's it like working with Britt?

    “She was laid back, approachable and open to our ideas. She also helped us warm up to the camera and become comfortable with the photoshoot process, which helped immensely for our wedding photos. The photos Britt was able to capture completely represented the love, emotions, and excitement of our big day. Her attention to detail and ability to capture candid moments is phenomenal. Even now, almost 4 years later, looking at her photos immediately takes us back to how we felt on that summer day. Fast forward to today, despite having moved to Toronto, Britt was again willing to do a photo shoot for us as a new family of three. It was so special to be able to reconnect with her and share this new chapter in our life through her photos. She was flexible and easy going throughout the shoot, which was key given the unpredictable nature of babies! Having Britt as a common photographer for these important life events has been so meaningful, and has allowed us to have a cohesive look to our family gallery wall. In a way, it feels as though Britt has become a member of our family. I look forward to future photo shoots with her as our family continues to grow through life!” -Hannah Wigle

  • 02What motivates you?

    My goal is to capture the genuine moments that happen between you and the people who matter most to you! My own appreciation and understanding of the power of images didn't come until after my dad's passing. When I look back at photos of me as a kid, I get to relive the joy and love that he and I shared together. My favourite photo is of us on a wooden toboggan. Every time I look at it I get to relive the moment of us picking up speed, as we fly down the hill, zipping between the trees, always ending up at the bottom with me asking to go "one more time." Photographs have this uncanny ability to transport you back to those brief moments in time, and help you preserve memories for generations.

  • 03Do you travel for shoots?

    Yes!! Plane, train, or chicken bus, whatever it takes to get to you. I'm ready and excited to come document your story in your favourite space. If your location is outside Ottawa area there will be an added fee based on the amount of time needed to get to your destination.

  • 04When can I expect to see the photos?

    I know how hard it is to wait for your photos, you walk away from the shoot feeling excited to see the images we have created. Because of that, the average turnaround time for the fully edited images is 2-3 weeks. My goal is to deliver the photos while the memory of the event is still fresh, when you can share them with friends and family. Believe me, I'm just as excited to deliver them to you as you are to receive them!

  • 05Do you deliver every photo you take?

    On an average wedding day, I can take up to almost 10,000 images. Yes, that's a lot of photos! Every photo you receive will be hand-selected by me and individually edited. Due to this amount of detailed work, I simply can't go through every single image with my clients. You should expect to receive over 300+ images depending on the length of the wedding day. These images are fully curated and polished photos, representing the best of the best!